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The seasoned Woman is spicy. She has been marinated in life experience, like a complex wine. She can be alternately sweet, tart, sparkling & mellow. She can be maternal & playful. Assured, alluring & resourceful. The seasoned woman knows who she is. She is committed to living fully and passionalely in the second half of her life. The seasoned woman is open to love, dating, new dreams, exploring spirituality and revitalizing their relationships as never before. They are rediscovering who they are or who they set out to be before they became wrapped up in the rules of their first adulthood when their primary focus was on nurturing children, husband, careers or all three.

What a Seasoned Woman Offers:
A what the hell, life is short attitude
Emotional stability
Financial independence
The ability to talk abt anything
No ticking time clock or toddlers underfoot
A knowledge of what she wants in a good man & good lover

What a Seasoned Woman Wants
Romance, fun, flirting, and to be cherished
Good conversation
Mutual pleasure with an emotional connection
Not to be tied down
Men who are not threatened by her abilities or accomplishments
She wants to dance in life!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Taken from the cottage that I have been living in for the past 3 1/2 years overlooking Sadony Bayou and Lake Michiganfarm-su 075 in  December
This is a wonderful picture of the cottage that has been almost totally renovated. It was built out of handmade block on site by the original owner in 1911
This is the beautiful arbor that I built out of  cedar. I made a raised platform and one day while at the dump I spied a large pile of pressure treated triangles that had been discarded from what must have been a very long set of stairs stringers so I brought more home from the dump than I took! I sat down and for two days I worked them like a jigsaw puzzle, carefully arranging and rearranging until I had it just right. Now all nailed in, I stained them different colors as to really show off my handiwork. Also beside the arbor you can see the outdoor oven that I was building. I sure had plans for that place!


  1. beautiful little cottage! Thank you for visiting my blog and the very nice comments you left...leaves me speechless most of the time to find out that I matter to people, so I thank you very kindly.

  2. Such a beautiful and cozy looking home. Thank you for taking the time out to leave such a lovely comment. I'm very much like you in that I get a great deal of inspiration from reading other people's blogs. Wishing you all the very very best, I'll be dropping back to visit!

  3. i came here for the same reason as osh... you left the most touching comment on my blog--thank you. your journey and motivation are so very inspiring... best of luck to you!

  4. That cottage is gorgeous! You will have a hard time leaving it if you come back here to Southern Virginia, won't you?

    And I had to chuckle about how you brought home more from the dump than you got rid of. I always go to the dumpsters to upgrade. I swear, whenever I need something, it's a family joke that I'm just going to get it from the dumpsters. The other day I got rid of a broken chair. Lo and behold, I found one there to replace it!

  5. Greener Pastures-Please say it aint so! That is why I am now going to need a fleet of semi's to get me back home starting this weekend. Plan to do 3 round trips in 10 days! Yuck! Hope to hear from you again soon.


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