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The seasoned Woman is spicy. She has been marinated in life experience, like a complex wine. She can be alternately sweet, tart, sparkling & mellow. She can be maternal & playful. Assured, alluring & resourceful. The seasoned woman knows who she is. She is committed to living fully and passionalely in the second half of her life. The seasoned woman is open to love, dating, new dreams, exploring spirituality and revitalizing their relationships as never before. They are rediscovering who they are or who they set out to be before they became wrapped up in the rules of their first adulthood when their primary focus was on nurturing children, husband, careers or all three.

What a Seasoned Woman Offers:
A what the hell, life is short attitude
Emotional stability
Financial independence
The ability to talk abt anything
No ticking time clock or toddlers underfoot
A knowledge of what she wants in a good man & good lover

What a Seasoned Woman Wants
Romance, fun, flirting, and to be cherished
Good conversation
Mutual pleasure with an emotional connection
Not to be tied down
Men who are not threatened by her abilities or accomplishments
She wants to dance in life!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Some Days are So Much Better Than Others

This is my pretty girl, Susie Q, 
she is at the trainer's right now. She is
quite the horse. All she wants to do is run. 
She has reining and roping blood lines and is one fast lady. She is actually a little more horse that I want and I will be looking at getting rid of her before my move to Virginia. Susie needs a job to do constantly. She loves to work. She is a beautiful girl with her curly black mane and tail and the dorsal stripe and the tiger striping on her legs.
Yesterday was a really good day. My friend from North Carolina  emailed me yesterday asking if I was packed yet. I do believe that she is now real serious about having me come and intern for the summer with her on her homestead. Oh what fun! Lot's of work but I love that, and what I can learn from her. As I said before, She does it all. She makes all kinds of bread, she makes butter, chevre, cottage cheese, has all her own milk, eggs, makes mozzarella, has a garden to die for, she cans everything, and what she can't can she dehydrates
So I am really excited about the possibility. I want to renovate my camper so that I can take it with me and live there part time and go back and forth between North Carolina and Virginia. The anticipation and the wait are just killing me especially since we are almost butt deep and 20 degrees as the high here in Michigan. I will miss the life that I planned here more than anyone will ever know but it is time to move on when you are no longer appreciated. So off
I go to the land of milk and honey, and cheese, and homemade bread. I hear the pounds doing a high five already! Darn them!

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  1. WOW! Sounds like you have a fabulous adventure ahead of you! :)


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